bougez les hanches

An exploration of gardens, plants, ecology, travel, messing with the space/time continuum, not getting hoboed, friends, food, and everything in-between.

by nicole and mae

Lykke Li

—Little Bit

i think i’m a little bit, a little bit… a little bit in love with you. but only if you’re a little bit, little bit, little bit in la-la-la-la-love with me.

So I try to say goodbye, my friend

I’d like to leave you with something warm 

But never have I been a blue calm sea

I have always been a storm

(Source: Spotify)

Fleetwood Mac

—Oh Well (Live)

Bougez’s Road Trip Playlist: Air guitar / air drumming to the max

memories take me back to all of our wildest times

Big Boi

—Cpu (feat. Phantogram)

and it’s you that’s on my computer screen… ‘cause it’s you that’s on my mind.